Cost Comparison | 07/28/14

Top 16 metros in US have witnessed an average of 12 percent growth in salary for STEM professionals in the last five years. Seattle, Huston and Phoenix witnessed the highest salary growth of 18.8 percent, 18.3 percent and 15.2 percent respectively. While other major MSA’s such as San Francisco, Washington D.C and New York City witnessed a salary growth of 13.4 percent, 12.9 percent and 10.9 percent respectively.

Skills in Demand | 07/28/14

The demand for Data Visualization skills is set to grow exponentially. Our research indicates that over the last 18 months the supply demand gap for data visualization skills has increased. Job postings for skills such as D3.js and Protovis have increased by over 125 percent across locations such as Bay Area, Cambridge and Seattle in the US. The demand for skills such as Gephi and Data Science has increased by over 35 percent. Research also indicates that in the next 3 years the demand for data visualization talent will increase two fold.

Workforce Diversity | 07/28/14

A recent study on Fortune Global 200 companies indicates that French companies have higher percentage of women on the boards compared to US companies. The average percentage of female directors among Fortune Global 200 companies is 15 percent; top 17 French companies have 25 percent women on boardroom positions where as the top 57 US companies have 20 percent women. In 2011, France's parliament approved a law that enforces large French companies to reserve at least 40 percent of their boardroom positions for women by 2017.


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