Cost Comparison | 07/30/14

China has established itself as a key location for business functions operations as it offers various advantages such as reduced costs, tax incentives, availability of talent and huge domestic market potential. However, due to increasing cost of operations, better talent availability and lack of office space MNCs are moving their operations from established locations to Tier II cities. Next frontier locations offer a cost advantage of about 20 percent as compared to established cities. Changsha offers a maximum cost advantage of 33 percent followed by Xi’an with 29 percent, Nanjing with 25 percent and Wuxi with 19 percent. Average salary per FTE for 3-7 years’ experience in business functions domain in Shanghai is about USD 17,750 and in Beijing is about USD 15,500.

Skills in Demand | 07/30/14

Neo4j, a graph database, has witnessed an increase in demand. Our skills framework indicates that the demand for developers with Neo4j is expected to increase by 35- 40 percent in 2014. San Francisco, Sunnyvale, San Jose and Austin are the key locations with Neo4j skills in US. 

Workforce Diversity | 07/30/14

The gender diversity data of Pinterest suggests that nearly 40 percent of total employees working in Pinterest are women; women occupy about 19 percent of the senior level roles in the company. Further, data suggests that only 21 percent of technical positions are occupied by women while Hispanics and Blacks comprise of only 2 percent and 1percent of the total job positions. However, 32% females in tech intern shows that the company is making efforts to employ diverse workforce.


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