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Fill Niche Roles in a Tight Labor Market

Drive organizational growth with a talent acquisition strategy adept for filling niche roles.

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Today’s environment of rapid change and uncertainty increases pressure on HR to ensure the organization has the required talent to support changing business priorities. Strategic workforce planning sets HR up to identify talent needs associated with the organization’s future goals and establish a strategy to ensure the organization has the right mix of talent, technologies and employment models to reach these goals.

Mission-critical priority

Drive organizational growth with a talent acquisition strategy adept for filling niche roles. 

How TalentNeuron helped

TalentNeuron helped the VP of Talent Acquisition track and understand the constant shifts in the labor market, enabling her function to better address talent acquisition initiatives. With TalentNeuron the team was able to swiftly recruit for a very specific role, expanding the talent pool with data on cost of hire, salary benchmarks, market diversity and more. 

Business Services

$3 Billion+


VP, Talent Acquisition

Business impact

With TalentNeuron support, the VP of Talent Acquisition: 

  • Identified new markets for sourcing the talent needed to fill niche roles
  • Reduced risk by validating talent acquisition decisions with TalentNeuron data and advisory
  • Strengthened the strategy and relationship with key stakeholders

“We have been in the position to leverage TalentNeuron to state fact as opposed to assumptions, and that makes for better conversations with our business leaders and stakeholders.”

Amy Richman
VP, Talent Acquisition, Pitney Bowes

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