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Verified data covering countries that produce over 90% of the global GDP

We don’t just rely on self-reported or easily acquired data; we collect data daily from thousands of diversified sources. Long-standing relationships with government authorities allow us to access statistical data that isn’t publicly available.

20+ years refining a proprietary algorithm for accurate data comparisons

Our AI is unmatched in standardizing global data for consistent comparisons across locations, occupations, skills, organizations, titles and even 21 languages.

130+ researchers, advisors, data scientists, and labor market economists act as an extension of your team

Our experts provide strategic guidance and lead custom research projects, all informed by a history of C-suite research and advisory services.

Personalized analytics to assess your organization’s overall talent strategy and stay ahead of competitors

View your own job-posting history to evaluate where you have invested over time and gain dynamic competitive insights. You’ll be the first to know about a new competitor or a change in other organizations’ hiring behaviors.

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Build a data-backed talent strategy

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