Taking the 'guess' out of work

To align talent strategies across your organization, leaders need more than just gut instinct. Real-time access to diverse, global data is key to staying competitive in today’s labor market.


Everything is better with data

TalentNeuron's platform continuously gathers labor market data from diverse sources, providing key metrics and insight through six main modules.

Hiring Analysis

Analyze talent supply, demand, cost, and competition data.

Skills Analysis

Understand current and future skills and evolving trends.

Location Analysis

Examine location implications based on talent trends.

Competitor Analysis

Monitor competitive labor market activity.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Benchmark EVPs against competitors’ data and monitor employee sentiment.

Talent Snapshots

Explore how demand for talent is changing over time.


Integrate data into your recruiting workflows

Use Hiring Analysis to research role and market conditions before you open your next requisition. Obtain demand, supply, and salary data to inform a strong sourcing strategy and influence hiring manager expectations. Research the hiring difficulty, alternate locations, and adjacent skills for roles before posting.

The Hiring Analysis module helps answer questions such as: 

How difficult is a particular job to fill?

What are market leaders paying for critical talent?

How will the labor market change if we flex on skills, location, level of experience and enhance our job posting?


Align location planning across the organization

Location planning without data and insights can prove challenging and costly. Remove risk with the ability to evaluate optimal locations for critical talent, identify competitors to mitigate attraction and retention risks and analyze competitor job descriptions to uncover valuable EVP insights.

The Location Analysis module can answer questions such as:

Which of our current cities offer ample supply, low demand, and cost advantage for our critical roles?

Are there alternative markets we can consider to expand our footprint that offer a competitive advantage?

What are the competitive risks and/or opportunities we might face in a particular market?  


your skills strategy  

Drive more effective build-borrow-buy workforce strategies with external labor market data. Track new, evolving, and declining skills by location and role. Leverage skill adjacencies to inform better career-pathing and identify buy-to-build opportunities.

The Skills Analysis module helps answer questions such as:

Which new and emerging skills should we prioritize for investment? Buy? Build? Borrow?

Where are there gaps between our skill investments and those of our industry peers?

Which adjacent skill sets, both internally and externally, can we tap to fill skill gaps?

Competitor ANALYSIS

Gain an advantage
in the talent game

Competition for key talent is accelerating, with implications for both attraction and retention. Drive more informed talent decisions by identifying and tracking your talent competition. Insights into your competitors’ job postings, hiring locations, and role design will keep you ahead of the curve.

The Competitor Analysis module can answer questions such as:

Who are our top competitors by role and location?

How is demand for our key talent evolving over time?

Which nontraditional competitors are emerging in our markets?


Boost your EVP to attract and retain top talent

Need a more effective way to differentiate yourself in a crowded labor market? Taking a closer look at your employee value proposition and how your job postings compare to those of your competitors is critical for filling positions quickly. Keeping a pulse on employee sentiment helps you make data-informed decisions to address issues before talent is lost to competitors.

The EVP module helps answer questions such as:

How are our competitors currently positioning their employer brand in job postings?

What opportunities are there to distinguish ourselves from competitors in each market?

Is there a gap between what we promise in our EVP and what employees perceive we deliver?


Dive into talent supply and demand trends

Explore concise yet comprehensive key talent insights, offering a real-time glimpse of the landscape. These snapshots offer crucial details such as competitor talent pools, emerging skills, or market trends for specific roles and industries, empowering users to quickly make informed decisions.

The Talent Snapshots module can answer questions such as:

How has job demand changed over time for our critical roles and in key markets?

What does diversity representation look like by role and city?

Are our peers offering remote or hybrid work flexibility?

"TalentNeuron is an interesting platform because (it has) a big team of data scientists behind it. It’s not just a product that spits out a generic report. ... There’s kind of a methodology behind it, which resonates with us as a tech company, but it’s also something that validates the data that we’re getting."

Ram Vadivelu

HR Senior Director, Qualcomm

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