Power workforce strategies with labor market intelligence

Discover how TalentNeuron’s data platform and expert insights can help your organization plan its path forward.


Build an agile workforce strategy backed by data

There’s no telling what the future will bring, but agile organizations can still prepare for anything and everything. To stay ahead of market changes, competitive pressures, and shifting workforce demands, leaders must:

Align talent management with organizational goals.

Anticipate workforce needs and make proactive decisions.

Improve employee engagement and satisfaction.


Search for success
in all the best places

Take the guesswork out of location strategy. Delve into comprehensive labor data to reveal where skills are most prevalent, where operating costs are lowest, and where competitors are active in order to:

Expand or consolidate the organization’s footprint.

Identify emerging talent hubs around the world.

Refine remote and hybrid work strategies to attract talent.


Gain a competitive edge with the right intelligence

Use competitive insights to benchmark talent strategies and plot a course to become a major market contender. Keep an eye on competitors’ labor market activities and eliminate potential retention risks in the following ways:

Identify the skills and credentials competitors are targeting.

Locate where they’re searching for and hiring talent.

Evaluate trends to strengthen employee value propositions.


Discover critical skill gaps with talent analytics

Recognize and resolve workforce skill gaps by understanding emerging labor market trends. Leverage global talent supply, demand, cost, and competition data to help your organization:

Follow critical skills, their adjacencies, and their evolution.

Inform build-borrow-buy decisions.

Anticipate and get ahead of future skill needs.


Drive impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion

Make greater strides toward a truly diverse and inclusive organizational culture. Identify disparities within your current workforce and set attainable diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals that:

Use objective data to remove potential biases in the hiring process.

Identify and target diverse talent pools for recruiting.

Promote equitable hiring practices backed by data.


Evolve offerings to elevate your EVP

Want to know how your existing employee value proposition stacks up against the competition? Dig into the messaging and offerings already in the market and start enhancing your organization’s own EVP in a few steps:

Analyze sentiment toward employer brands.

Understand how companies are positioning their brands.

Benchmark against competitor messaging and branding.


How we support your workforce goals and strategies

TalentNeuron uses the most comprehensive global labor market intelligence available to guide organizations in sourcing critical talent, planning for future workforce needs, minimizing skill gaps, tracking the competition, and setting data-driven DEI benchmarks.

Online platform

Explore and analyze data by location, skill, competition, and more in TalentNeuron’s self-service platform to gain role-specific insights and model different talent scenarios that can influence strategic decisions.

Strategic consulting

Craft and execute transformative strategies with support from TalentNeuron's experts. Consultants work directly with leadership to provide insights, recommendations, and tailored solutions to drive crucial labor decisions.

Custom research

Tap into expert analysis on key talent issues where data isn’t readily available. Custom research projects and reports help evaluate uncommon roles and geographic regions, and deliver findings with actionable recommendations.

Executive reports

Create custom, executive-ready reports on trending topics — including workforce diversity, strategic sourcing, and digital skills — that will drive decisions at the highest level of your organization.

Data feeds

Receive recurring exports of job data at scale for convenient reporting and workflow management. Choose from a variety of formats with up to four years of global labor market data available.

API access

Spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it by bringing the power of TalentNeuron data directly into your dashboard, connecting internal and external data into a single user view.

"TalentNeuron has been really impactful in our relationship with our business (stakeholders). Instead of going to them with anecdotal data — ‘this is what we’re hearing when we talk to candidates’ or ‘this is what we’re seeing when we’re doing a search on whichever database it is’ — I’m actually able to go to them and say, ‘this is what the market’s saying.'"

Debbie Weltin-Katzbeck

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Jabil

Build a data-backed talent strategy

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