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Democratize labor market data for greater insights

Effective decision-making in today’s complex and changing work environments requires comprehensive, real-time data to drive better outcomes. Explore how accessing TalentNeuron's data solutions can enrich your organization's existing analytics. 

Data your way

Need labor market intelligence? No problem.

Empower and transform your organization to make strategic decisions backed by data and insights. Access the global labor market data you need, exactly when you need it, in a single view using TalentNeuron's flexible APIs and multi-formatted data feeds.


Automate an
external-data flow

Seamlessly integrate external data to compare against internal talent metrics using Talent Intelligence APIs. Built for efficiency and scale, TalentNeuron's APIs quickly deliver labor market insights into everyday workflows, helping organizations explore:

Hiring indicators

Location insights

Competitive benchmarking

Skills research

Diversity analysis

Data Feeds

Effortless analytics with configurable feeds

Make data-backed talent decisions by leveraging easy-to-use, recurring export files of TalentNeuron's data with up to four years' worth of historical access. Combining this external data with internal talent metrics provides the insight needed to answer such key questions as:

Which companies are we competing against most for talent?

How is the market trending in terms of hiring difficulty for critical roles?

What are the differences between national and local skill sets?

Hiring Data

Get a headstart in the race to secure top talent

Centralize key hiring metrics into a single dashboard view in your preferred platform using TalentNeuron's APIs and data feeds. Adding current and historical labor market data gives organizations visibility into talent supply, demand, hiring difficulty, and salary ranges, which can be compared against internal positions' time-to-fill, compensation, applications received, and other metrics.

Benchmark internal salary bands versus external cost by location.

Analyze average posting times and hiring difficulty.

Educate hiring managers on the competitive state of the labor market.

Examples of dashboards were built by TalentNeuron clients.
location data

Map out your
talent strategies

Leverage TalentNeuron's data-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions to identify specific roles competitors are hiring for and find out where essential talent is located around the world. By comparing this external data with internal talent profiles, you can accelerate planning, improve time-to-fill, reduce hiring costs, and avoid risks associated with location decisions.

Incorporate external supply and demand data into your strategic workforce plans.

Assess location expansion or relocation costs.

Evaluate future talent acquisition strategies in alternate locations.

Skills DatA

Surface critical and emerging skills

Access the talent intelligence that's critical for making decisions around current and future workforce needs. TalentNeuron's external data takes a lot of the guesswork out of build-borrow-buy-bot strategizing, as well as upskilling and reskilling planning.

Gain insight into your current and future skills needs.

Assist in creating skills-gap analysis.

Answer your build-borrow-buy talent strategy questions.

Competitor Data

Decode the competition’s talent strategies

Gain insight into competitors' hiring patterns to benchmark your own talent acquisition strategies and goals. External labor market data can also reveal the locations, roles, and skills where competition is fiercest.

Assess the competitive landscape for open and future roles.

Analyze posting durations and hiring difficulty scores across your competitors.

Compare the top jobs you are hiring for against competitors.

Diversity Data

Drive diversity goals
with the right data

Locate and explore diverse talent pools for recruiting, and set realistic diversity goals for your organization. Adding objective labor market data into HR workflows provides greater visibility into gender and ethnic diversity for specific roles.

Determine which locations have a diverse supply of talent for open roles.

Gain insight into which universities provide emerging and diverse talent.

Understand talent availability in specific locations by gender and ethnicity.

“Accessing real-time market insights and competitor analysis has helped reduce research on competitor insights and candidate sourcing time by 75% and 50% per week, respectively.”

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