From intuition to intelligence

Workforce decisions are too important to leave to chance. TalentNeuron's labor market intelligence solutions ensure that every critical workforce decision your organization makes is backed by data-driven insight.

It starts with
high-fidelity data

The journey to data-driven workforce planning begins with reliable, comprehensive data.

Data collected from more than 28,000 diverse sources.

Access to 33 terabytes of data, representing 3 trillion data points.

Sources include government reports, job boards, and candidate profiles.

Unlocking insights through advanced analytics

Our proprietary AI models and expert analysis transform raw data into actionable intelligence.

97 machine-learning and AI models eliminate duplicate entries, and standardize and rationalize data.

Data organized for consistent comparisons across locations, occupations, skills, and titles.

Data collected from more than 28,000 diverse sources.

Putting data into
strategic action

Our consulting experts empower organizations to make critical workforce decisions with custom findings and solutions.

Leverage TalentNeuron data, outside research, and years of in-field experience.

Discover patterns and trends based on labor market analysis.

Navigate complexities, optimize resources, and stay agile in a competitive talent market.


Intuitive, self-service product suite

Gain full control of and real-time access to powerful workforce intelligence capabilities using dynamic modules.

DATa as a service

Seamless integration
and access

Easily incorporate TalentNeuron data into your workforce planning and talent strategy workflows.


Expert guidance
and collaboration

Explore compelling insights, actionable recommendations, and custom solutions to help with strategic decision-making.

"I feel that TalentNeuron has definitely shifted the way we’re looking at years of experience. ... The data has really opened eyes to pipelining candidates for the future. We used to hire more senior candidates. Now we’re maybe encouraging, 'let’s look at the skills, let’s look at other factors that are involved.' And that way we can make different decisions and think of the different mindsets of how we can elevate a profile rather than hire for what’s for now."

Katie Jones

Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor, JM Family Enterprises


How accurate and reliable is TalentNeuron's labor market data?

TalentNeuron ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability by collecting data from diverse sources, utilizing advanced cleansing techniques, and leveraging the expertise of its team with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Can TalentNeuron's labor market data integrate with my company's existing HR software?

Yes, TalentNeuron offers seamless integration with existing HR systems, such as HRIS and ATS, through flexible APIs and data feeds. This allows you to easily incorporate labor market intelligence into your current workflows.

How do TalentNeuron's services address specific workforce challenges?

TalentNeuron's data covers an unparalleled global scope, including 110 countries representing 91% of global GDP, more than 28,000 skills, and insights on 150 million companies. This comprehensive coverage enables you to make informed decisions on a global scale.

How frequently is TalentNeuron's labor market data updated?

To ensure you have access to the most current and relevant labor market intelligence, TalentNeuron continuously collects and updates data from our extensive network of sources. This real-time data empowers you to make decisions based on the latest market trends and insights.

What types of sources does TalentNeuron use to collect its labor market data?

TalentNeuron gathers data from a wide array of reputable sources, including government reports, research networks, job boards, trade publications, and candidate profiles. This diverse sourcing strategy ensures a comprehensive and well-rounded view of the labor market.

How does TalentNeuron's data help companies gain a competitive edge in the talent market?

By leveraging TalentNeuron's extensive labor market data, companies can benchmark against competitors, identify emerging skills, and develop targeted strategies to attract and retain top talent. This data-driven approach enables organizations to stay ahead in an evolving talent landscape.

What is the role of AI and machine learning in TalentNeuron's data processing?

TalentNeuron employs 97 proprietary machine-learning and AI models to translate, remove duplications, and standardize the data collected from various sources. These advanced technologies ensure that data is consistent, accurate, and ready for analysis.

How can TalentNeuron's data help organizations make informed workforce planning decisions?

With TalentNeuron's comprehensive labor market data, organizations can access insights on talent supply and demand, skills trends, competitive landscapes, and more. This intelligence empowers HR leaders to make data-driven decisions regarding workforce planning, talent acquisition, and skills development strategies.

What is the expertise of TalentNeuron's data scientists and labor economists?

TalentNeuron's team of more than 130 data scientists and labor economists bring extensive expertise in analyzing complex statistical models and extracting actionable insights from multi-year data assets. Their deep understanding of labor market dynamics ensures the delivery of accurate, relevant, and valuable intelligence

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