Diversity Trends

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In the dynamic landscape of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts, recent years have witnessed substantial investments by governmental, state, and private entities. However, while we celebrate top companies for their efforts, it’s unclear if fields like science and tech are really becoming more diverse. Are traditionally underrepresented fields, particularly in STEM, truly witnessing an influx of women and minorities? Or does the narrative of success primarily belong to a select few, leaving a stark contrast against others losing or maintaining neutral ground.

Learn how labor market data can help your organization:

  • Target Diversity Initiatives: Develop specialized programs focusing on mentorship and scholarships tailored for underrepresented groups in technology and engineering  
  • Focus on Skills-Oriented Hiring and Training: Implement skills-based assessments in hiring processes, focusing on potential and aptitude rather than solely on formal education or experience.  
  • Identify Opportunity Areas: By Leveraging early talent cultivation and skill-based hiring, organizations can contribute to widening of talent pools and establishing new pathways for diverse skill sets