Q3 2023 Finance: Skills and Occupations Trends Report

Get the report to learn the latest market trends and shifts for finance roles across various locations, functions, and industries.

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HR leaders need labor market intelligence to make talent decisions in a hyper-competitive labor market. The insights in this report will help HR and other leaders understand top in-demand finance occupations and skills in the U.S., Canada, U.K, Germany and India.

Use the data in this report to make strategic decisions on:

  • Sourcing Strategy: Understanding where demand is increasing for key occupations and skills informs decisions on where you may need to invest more in branding and sourcing to compete for talent.
  • Workforce Planning: Knowing what skills employers are prioritizing for key occupations tells you where the market is most mature, and can support buying needed skills vs building or looking to alternate markets.
  • Competitive Threat Analysis: Identifying where demand is spiking for certain occupations and skills helps you to get out ahead of competitive threats and plan for talent segments you need to invest in retaining.