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Competitive Recruitment

Use our global talent data and insights to stay ahead of the competition and attract and retain the talent your organization needs to achieve its goals.

Monitor competitor labor market activity

TalentNeuron enables HR and organization leaders to track the demand and analyze competitors for critical roles and skills, and identify in-demand and growing skills in your industry.


Strengthen your EVP using competitive insights

We provide you with the necessary data and insights from the labor market and talent competitors to inform your employee value proposition design, allowing you to attract and retain the right talent for your organization. 

Benefits of Data-Driven Competitive Recruitment and EVP

Utilizing data to build an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) allows for a tailored approach to understand and cater to the unique needs, ambitions, and preferences of the workforce. This in-depth understanding not only provides a competitive edge for your recruitment but also promotes employee retention by prioritizing what employees value the most. 

Data also drives strategic decision-making, enabling your EVP to adapt with shifting employee expectations, market trends, or company objectives.

Tailored Approach

Data allows companies to understand their employees’ needs, aspirations, and preferences, helping them create a tailored employee value proposition (EVP) that resonates with their workforce.

Competitive Advantage

Analyzing industry data and competitor EVPs can help companies differentiate their offer and position themselves as an employer of choice.

Employee Retention

Data-driven insights can identify what employees value most, helping companies prioritize those elements in their EVP to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Labor market data delivered in formats best suited to your needs

Executive Reports

Personalized, executive-ready reports on red-hot topics like workforce diversity, strategic sourcing and digital skills. The consumable, shareable nature of these reports makes them a key resource for driving discussions at the senior-most level of your organization.

Online Platform

HR teams can conduct modeling and analysis on TalentNeuron’s self-service platform, which allows you to segment data by location, skill, competition and more. This enables HR leaders to strategically partner with business unit leaders to examine role-specific data and model different talent scenarios that influence strategic decisions.

Custom Research

Get expert analysis on key talent issues where data isn’t readily available. Custom research projects allow you to evaluate uncommon roles and geographic regions, and our experts will deliver findings with actionable recommendations.

Advisory Services

Discuss your most complex talent questions in one-on-one advisory sessions and attend invite-only events that help you leverage TalentNeuron data in strategic decisions across the business.

Data Feeds

Recurring exports of jobs data ideal for reporting or workflows requiring fresh recurring ‘snapshots'. Delivery available in a number of formats with access to up to 4 years of market data for simpler access to TalentNeuron at scale.

API Access

Bring the power of TalentNeuron data directly into your dashboard. Connect internal and external data into a single user view. Spend more time analyzing data and less time gathering it.

Build a data-backed talent strategy

See how HR leaders and their teams use TalentNeuron’s labor market analytics to make smarter, faster workforce decisions.