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How to Use Analytics to Predict Skill Needs

Proactively identify where skill gaps will emerge and what critical talent to hire

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The nature of work is evolving. On the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution, talent analytics should be an integral part of how organizations conduct workforce planning and strategic sourcing. To showcase how talent analytics can play a role in predicting organizations’ skill needs, We provide lessons learned from TalentNeuron™ data on agile skills.

Discover the current and likely future states of in-demand agile skills based on demand and growth trends, plus how to apply this methodology to identify skill needs for your organization.

About TalentNeuron™

TalentNeuron™ research covers 90% of the global GDP, enabling you to formulate a comprehensive location strategy that’s not just about real estate costs. Discover optimal talent hubs and hidden talent pools by comparing and ranking target locations based on various talent, cost and macroeconomic criteria to: 

  • Expand your global footprint for future investment and business goals in a hybrid world.
  • Consolidate your location portfolio to offset significant talent, financial and geopolitical risks.
  • Identify diverse sources of talent as the opportunity to acquire talent beyond hub locations becomes a more permanent part of long-term workforce planning strategies.
  • Understand the location strategy and remote work profiles your traditional and nontraditional competitors are targeting.

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