Unlocking Competitive Advantage

How Location Flexibility Can Help Attract And Retain Mission-Critical Talent

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Learn how to unlock the competitive advantage of location flexibility

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As companies push for employees to return to the office, workers increasingly demand location flexibility. Labor market conditions in 2024 will determine how this battle plays out. However many forward-thinking organizations have embraced flexibility as core to their value proposition, and key to attracting and retaining top talent.

In this webinar, TalentNeuron’s Lynne Mayers (Vice President, Advisory) and Miguel Marin (Principle, Advisory) will examine trends in remote and hybrid offerings across functions and regions and highlight key talent segments where it has become the norm. We will also highlight organizations embracing flexibility and discuss how to build the business case for greater flexibility to enhance your EVP.

Gain insights on how to:  

  1. Align organizational strategies with employees’ desires for remote or hybrid work can foster talent retention and attraction
  2. Identify functional and regional trends where remote or hybrid work models have gained traction
  3. Build a compelling business case around flexibility to enhance your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)