Do More With Data to Close Critical Skill Gaps

Most organizations face a shortage of skills that are critical to business growth

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Filling critical skill gaps is a top priority for HR and business leaders, but the build-and-buy tactics used so far have been insufficient.

TalentNeuron™ has developed a new strategy – helping organizations address these skill gaps by identifying talent skills that are adjacent to the skills needed. By identifying these “skill adjacencies” organizations can then upskill or reskill employees with adjacent skills to address skill gaps.

The “skills adjacencies” approach involves three imperatives:

  • Run a skills gap analysis by looking at skills available throughout the organization, not necessarily by individual functions.
  • Fill critical skills gaps by leveraging skills adjacencies to guide the upskilling and recruiting of current and potential talent.
  • Enable cross-functional talent mobility by identifying “stepping-stone” skills to bridge skills gaps across the organization

This research deep dives into how to address each imperative to help close skill gaps at your organization.