Five Ways to Leverage Talent Data to Acquire Digital Skills​

Optimize build-buy talent decisions with labor market data.

5 Strategies to Optimize Build-Buy Decisions
Grow digital skills with talent data.
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As organizations navigate persistent inflation and supply chain constraints, it’s clear that the path to growth in 2023 and beyond requires bold bets on digitalization initiatives.

But acquiring the digital skills that enable growth is no easy feat — HR leaders face an expensive and competitive talent marketplace, as well as pressure from the business to control costs.

To accelerate growth in the face of uncertainty, HR leaders must adopt a data-driven approach to build-buy talent decisions. Learn how labor market data can help your organization:

  • Identify digital skills gaps and upcoming needs.
  • Leverage skills adjacencies to accelerate skills building.
  • Widen talent pools through skills-based recruitment strategies.
  • Adopt a talent-first location strategy.