Additional Terms for Data Services

The following provisions apply to Client’s use of TalentNeuron’s Data Services. “Data Services” means TalentNeuron’s licensing of certain application programming interface(s) (“API”s). These Data Services Terms are supplementary to the TalentNeuron General Terms. To the extent there is any conflict between these Data Service Terms and the General Terms, the Data Services Terms shall take precedence only with regard to use of Data Services. All capitalized terms herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the General Terms.

  1. API License and Use Restrictions
    • Subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, including payment of all mutually agreed-upon fees as stated in the applicable Service Order, and provided Client remains in compliance with the Agreement, for the duration of the Term of the applicable Service Order, TalentNeuron grants Client a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, worldwide, enterprise-wide license to load, install, execute, and use the API(s) provided by TalentNeuron as a part of the Data Services, and to use all TalentNeuron Data accessed or retrieved through the API. Included in the foregoing license is the right for Client to also use that documentation provided by TalentNeuron as a part of the Data Services that assists Client in its configuration of Client’s systems to implement the API(s) provided as a part of the Data Services.
    • Client is solely responsible for all implementation and configuration of the API(s) provided as a part of the Data Services. Other than use of the documentation referenced in sub-section (a) above, TalentNeuron reserves the right to charge Client (and Client agrees to pay) additional fees if Client requests TalentNeuron to assist with such implementation or configuration.
    • Client is not permitted to provide access to the Data Service or share any TalentNeuron Data with any third party. If Client provides access to the Data Service or shares TalentNeuron Data with any third party, TalentNeuron reserves the right to immediately terminate Client’s license granted above.Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement for any reason, Client agrees to promptly expunge, delete, or destroy all TalentNeuron Data from its systems, tools, and dashboards. Client shall certify in writing to TalentNeuron within ten (10) days after termination or expiration of this Agreement that all TalentNeuron Data has been expunged, deleted, or destroyed. TalentNeuron shall have the right, at its own expense, to conduct audits of Client’s compliance with this Section. Such audits may be conducted by TalentNeuron or a third-party auditor appointed by TalentNeuron, and shall be conducted during regular business hours upon reasonable notice to Client. Client shall provide all necessary cooperation and access to information, systems, and personnel as may be reasonably required to conduct the audit. If the audit reveals that Client has failed to comply with its data deletion obligations, Client shall promptly take all necessary actions to come into compliance and shall reimburse TalentNeuron for costs incurred to conduct the audit.
  2. Protection of TalentNeuron Data.
    • To help enhance the security and availability of the Data Services to others, Client agrees to the following: (i) the Data Services may restrict the volume of data that can be accessed through the Data Services, and if Client exceeds such amount, Client agrees that its usage may be throttled or suspended; and (ii) the API may include rate limits that will prevent Client from making excessive calls to the API. Further details and additional restrictions may be included in the relevant Service Description.
    • Client agrees to maintain appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect and preserve the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the Services and TalentNeuron Data within its possession or control. Client will promptly report any security deficiencies or security incidents that may impact or compromise the Services or TalentNeuron Data to TalentNeuron by emailing: