Modular Service Description

TalentNeuron is the leader in global market intelligence and offers clients access to our big data and statistical insights through a number of Software as a Service Modules, Data as a Service Offerings, and Professional Services. Each of these items is separately purchased. Please refer to your specific Service Order to determine your configuration.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Descriptions

SaaS Offerings Module Name Service Description
TalentNeuron The leader in global market intelligence, TalentNeuron is a talent intelligence platform that combines big data and statistical insights to provide global and local talent, location, and competitive intelligence for any position or function.
Hiring Analysis The Hiring Analysis Module provides a pulse on the global job market with insights on top titles, skills, credentials, experience, and education levels in demand. Assess hiring difficulty, salary trends, and supply-demand dynamics. Analyze competitors, active employers, and target companies for passive candidate searches. Explore diverse locations, hiring indicators, and gender/ethnic diversity breakdowns. Identify top institutions for graduate talent, including detailed diversity views.
Location Analysis The Location Analysis Module provides in-depth intelligence on key attributes critical for effective talent management and strategic decision-making across diverse labor markets worldwide. The module encompasses a range of features that offer comprehensive insights into talent pool dynamics, graduate talent demographics, job demand, diversity metrics, competitive landscape, compensation considerations, and relevant location factors.
Skills Analysis The Skills Analysis module empowers professionals to understand their industry's ever-changing landscape of skills. View current and upcoming critical skills in demand and compare top skills in demand between your organization and selected employers. Gain a deep understanding of emerging and declining skills over time, how demand has changed historically, and easily identify related and complementary skills for a well-rounded talent profile.
Competitor Analysis The Competitor Analysis Module provides a comprehensive view of competitors' labor market strategies. Monitor who else is seeking similar talent, track changes in competitor demand over time, explore geographical locations of interest, analyze skills and credentials sought by competitors, and identify specific job titles targeted by competitors. Stay ahead in the talent landscape with valuable insights to inform your own hiring strategy.
Talent Snapshots The Talent Snapshots module offers dynamic insights into evolving occupations. Compare talent demand benchmarks between your organization and selected employers, track trends in talent demand over time, analyze labor market indicators, explore gender diversity breakdowns, and understand the remote work landscape and trends for specific talents. Stay informed and adapt to changing workforce dynamics with this comprehensive module.
Employee Value Proposition (EVP) The EVP module lets users compare job descriptions with competitors in 5 key areas: 1) Work Setting – covering workspaces, flexibility, and work-life balance; 2) Growth Opportunities – focusing on skill development and career advancement; 3) Rewards – detailing holistic compensation and benefits for well-being; 4) People – showcasing commitment to a supportive work community; and 5) Culture – highlighting guiding principles for decisions, behaviors, and the work environment.
Single Sign-On TalentNeuron will implement and maintain a Single Sign-On solution for clients, enabling users to access multiple applications and services via integration with industry-standard protocols such as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) or OAuth. SSO facilitates seamless and secure authentication, enhancing user convenience and system access.
Skills Library TalentNeuron 28,000 Skills taxonomy export file is delivered during the implementation phase. The taxonomy is designed to align clients' internal skills nomenclature to industry standard definitions.

Data as a Service (DaaS) Descriptions

Product Name API Name Service Description
Hiring Indicator Analysis Access to Hiring analysis data [Demand, Supply, Relative supply, Top skills, Competitive concentration, Top employers, Posting period, Top occupations, Demand by month, Job description extracted attributes, Top credentials, Job type, Education, experience, Top industries] enables clients to create side-by-side views of talent strategies with labor market data around demand, supply, compensation, and diversity.
Location Planning Analysis Access to Location analysis data [Location factors, Supply adequacy of location, Alternate locations, Top employers, Top employers by talent, Supply adequacy and hiring indicators of location, Salary, Competitive concentration, Supply, Remote distribution of demand for talent, Demand by month] enables clients to identify untapped locations to hire the critical talent in the right time.
Skills Analysis Access to Skills Analysis data [Top skills, Supply, Top skills by category, Top credentials, Top skills demand compared with an Org, Top Skills compared with Market, Skill Lifecycle, Skill Adjacency, Monthly hiring Trend skills] enable clients to understand skill gaps, skills lifecycle, and skill relationships
Competitor Analysis Access to Competitor Analysis data [Top employers (including historical) and (active), Top employers by industry, Employer ranking by title, Demand by function, Monthly hiring trend by role, Hiring indicators by employers by location, Top employer by industry, Top employers by talent] enables clients to identify talent competitors to optimize hiring strategies.
Diversity and Emerging Talent Access to Diversity and Emerging Talent data [Gender Diversity, Ethnic Diversity, Gender Diversity & Ethnic Diversity, Talent Availability, Graduate Supply] enables clients to identify diversity and ethnicity talent availability by roles and locations.
EVP Access to Employee Value Proposition data [competitor, sentiment] enables clients to identify talent competitors across locations and roles.

Professional Services 

Professional Service Retainer can be used to support a variety of custom projects (Custom Roles, Workbench Reports, Strategic Consulting) over the course of an annual term. Each custom project is scoped by TalentNeuron and approved by the client before applying to the retainer and project execution. In addition, it can be applied toward purchasing new SaaS and DaaS modules released within the current term and not already included in a client’s current subscription. Any part of the annual Professional Services Retainer unused at term expiry will neither be refunded nor carried over into a subsequent term.

Service Description
Custom Roles Custom Role Analysis (the “Service”) provides licensed users at the client company (“Client”) access to one or more Custom Role Analyses. The Service is available to Clients with a license to one or more TalentNeuron SaaS modules.  

Each Custom Role Analysis provides supply, demand, and cost data for up to 10 (Ten) cities per role; access to the data is restricted to cities within the purchased countries.
Workbench Reports Workbench Reports are highly customized, in-depth analyses of crucial talent issues communicated by the client. They provide a greater breadth and depth of information on the labor market than the platform and allow a qualitative lens to be layered into the data. Each report includes a 30-minute readout with a TalentNeuron Client Engagement Advisor. 

The delivery timeline and applied credits depend on the number of primary and secondary parameters requested, the complexity of the roles, and the geography.
Strategic Consulting TalentNeuron's Strategic Consulting services redefine the landscape of labor decision-making for CHROs and business leaders. Leveraging our global labor market data platform, we provide unparalleled support in crafting and executing transformative strategies. Our expert consultants collaborate directly with leadership, offering deep insights, actionable recommendations, and tailored solutions to drive crucial labor decisions. From workforce planning to talent acquisition, we empower organizations to navigate complexities, optimize resources, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving global talent market. Each project will be scoped and outline delivery formats, milestones and dates – and will be presented in a Statement of Work along with the billable hours.