TalentNeuron™ Talent Intelligence API Service


TalentNeuron™ API (the “Data Service”) provides HR and business leaders at the client company (“Client”) continual access to supply, demand, and cost data for selected labor markets. The Data Service enables the Client to access and utilize human resources data for their internal business purposes.


Client is entitled to the following Deliverable:

  • Access to the TalentNeuron Application Programming Interface (API) for selected labor market with the following specific API’s: Hiring Indicators APIs, Location Strategy APIs, Skill Strategy APIs, Competitive Benchmarking APIs, Diversity & Fresh Talent APIs, EVP Insight APIs, Taxonomy Foundations APIs and Taxonomap APIs
  • API country coverage is determined based on client’s base membership

In order to protect against abnormal programmatic use, TalentNeuron may implement a rate-limit, throttle or otherwise restrict API use to prevent what it considers (in its absolute discretion) to be abuse, excessive use, or use that presents security risks (the “Rate Limit”). If the Client exceeds the Rate Limit, further requests would receive an error message indicating that the Rate Limit has exceeded. The Rate Limit will be subject to the Call Schedule in Appendix 1.

In order to protect against abnormal use, TalentNeuron will notify Client of unusual behavior patterns. TalentNeuron reserves the right to suspend the account after the call unit quota is exhausted; TalentNeuron will use reasonable endeavors when applying such restrictions to return a descriptive error message. The Service Limit will be subject to the Call Schedule in Appendix 1.



The API allows access to data that may be collected from more than one source. Examples of such sources include, but are not limited to:

  • Websites maintained by private companies, societies, non-profits, and public sector entities for their own internal recruiting
  • Websites maintained by a particular industry, trade or profession for general recruitment in that industry, trade or profession (whether geared toward specific professionals or the general public), and
  • Third-party career and job board websites


Rate limit: 120 Call Units per minute per level.

Service limit: Quota of 1,000,000 Call Units.

Refer here for more information about Call Units and corresponding API levels here: https://support.talentneuron.com/support/solutions/articles/19000153977-talent-intelligence-apis-call-units

The Rate Limits, Service Limits, Call Units and API levels are subject to change from time to time, at TalentNeuron’s sole discretion. However, any such changes shall not materially degrade the level of services provided to Client without providing Client with prior advance notice.

This Service Description is governed by the Data Services Terms.