Make Build vs. Buy Digital Talent Decisions Using Big Data and AI

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The accelerated pace of technology advancement has dramatically shortened the shelf-life of skills. Where once expertise lasted decades, today’s skills decay in years as digital transformation rapidly morphs business needs.

This forces HR to continually realign talent capabilities with shifting priorities. Success requires identifying emerging skill demands, evaluating current talent, and deciding whether to build, buy or borrow to address gaps.

In this webinar, TalentNeuron’s Clare Moncrieff (Senior Director, Strategic Consulting) and Emeka Chukwulobelu (Specialist, Strategic Consulting) will demonstrate how talent intelligence enables this workforce agility. See how leading HR teams use hiring data and skill profiling to benchmark talent against competitors, forecast future needs, and make informed build vs buy decisions.

Gain insights on how to:  

  • Identify changing skills needs outside of your organization with digital skills hiring trends
  • Prioritize skills building within your organization based on factors like demand growth and demand volume
  • Leverage skills adjacencies to invest in your own talent and build digital skills in-house