Mind the Blindspot: Why Your Workforce Strategy Needs External Data

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Uncover the six common blind spots that can undermine your talent strategy.
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In the world of data-based business decisions, blind spots arise from operating with an incomplete set of data and/or the ways we utilize data and decision frameworks.

In order to enable CEO-level talent decisions, external talent data is required to augment internal talent data. Bringing external talent data to bear solves for six types of common blind spots, helping companies avoid potentially dangerous business decisions.

Watch the complimentary webinar replay to uncover the 6 common blind spots that can undermine your talent strategy and learn how to mitigate them to drive critical talent decisions in your organization.

Gain insights on how to:

  • Identify the six blind spots that plague talent decisions and how they can impact your organization’s future
  • Discover why your internal data, while valuable, is only a piece of the puzzle; you need external talent intelligence to make informed decisions
  • Move beyond HR silos to business led data organizing principles and integrate external talent data seamlessly into your decision-making processes