JM Family Enterprises

Integrating Labor Market Data Into the Recruiting Workflow

Katie Jones, Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor at JM Family Enterprises, shares how she uses TalentNeuron as part of her daily recruitment workflow. Additionally, Katie describes the impact of labor market data on the auto company’s internal skills building strategy


How does your organization leverage TalentNeuron in the talent recruitment process?

When talking about a recruitment process at JM Family, the first place I do go is to TalentNeuron to get an understanding of where I’m going to be at with this position when I get it posted. I do a check in the middle as well too, to make sure I’m on the right track. I have to make some tweaks with my searches based on what are my competitors doing. What are the market insights telling me? You know, what are those competencies and skills that are being shown?

Sometimes, if I need a little quick refresh and then at the end of the process when I’m getting ready to close a candidate, I take a look at that salary information, making sure that I’m up to date as well too with the market.  

How is TalentNeuron helping you source critical talent in a competitive labor market?

Our sourcing teams are able with this data to be quicker on their employment projects through different sources and channels that we’ve never had before because we have market data. We have the competencies already built out, which is saving us time that we would use in the beginning of the process.  

Has TalentNeuron data changed the way talent managers think about role requirements?

I feel that TalentNeuron has definitely shifted the way we’re looking at years of experience. We may take somebody more junior and elevate them, especially for a role coming in at a 9 out of 10 difficulty. If we can see their upward potential, rather than having someone with 8 to 10 years of experience coming in. It’s definitely been able to shift our mindset.

The data has really opened eyes to pipelining candidates for the future. We used to hire more senior candidates. Now, we’re maybe encouraging, let’s look at the skills, let’s look at other factors that are involved. And that way we can make different decisions and think of the different mindsets of how we can elevate a profile rather than hire for what’s for now.  

How has TalentNeuron changed the way you are building skills internally?

We have a few programs that we’ve released, such as our rotational program that we’ve never had before. And in the past, we’ve maybe had more senior level positions. And now we’re bringing in rotational programs to offer that career mobility and really start pipelining for the future and building that bench of talent that we never had before at JM family.

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