What were some of the challenges that you faced that led you to TalentNeuron?

In terms of challenges, I think with the advent of A.I. and associated skills like security, machine learning, deep learning, there’s this increasing need to get for companies to get their talent strategy right. So, what that implies is the supply in terms of talent has evolved to various multidisciplinary skills.

There is this strong need for us to get our talent analysis, our intelligence accurate.

How did TalentNeuron help you address these challenges?

TalentNeuron is an interesting platform because they have a big team of data scientists behind it. It’s not just a product that spits out a generic report. So, there’s kind of a methodology behind it, which resonates with us as a tech company, but it’s also something that validates the data that we’re getting.

They use a wide variety of data sources that we’ve gotten a lot of insight on in terms of how they triangulate data. There’s a lot of statistical rigor that they put behind their analysis. So that is the primary advantage we look at when we’re using something like TalentNeuron versus other products.

How would you describe the value you’ve received from TalentNeuron?  

It’s hard to quantify in terms of financials or short term. It’s more long term. When I talk about the criticality of emerging skills: it’s very important to get the talent strategy right because the industry is moving so fast. TalentNeuron and the data it provides help inform things like our geo strategy: where we should locate a certain research and development center, and how we should compare cost in terms of one location versus the other. Looking at long term supply.

The advantage there is, if we don’t get it right, we don’t have the luxury of redoing it because the industry is moving so fast.

What makes working with TalentNeuron different from any other company?

There’s a lot of uniqueness to how we view TalentNeuron. A lot of it is primarily the methodology and the kind of mindset we perceive them to have. For example, it’s not about just giving a report, here’s what our data says, or here’s a platform you log in and do self-serve. A lot of the value is in the rigor and the methodology behind it. When we have conversations on specific consulting engagements with them, or we ask them to do custom research, we often engage with subject matter experts. We look, we talk with their data scientist teams. There’s a lot of iteration that goes back and forth in terms of reports, which is unique, and they’re able to take on pretty much any kind of custom analysis and project that we want. They have a pretty sophisticated team behind them.

I think that’s definitely a unique factor, and it’s something we value a lot. And especially it gives us a lot of confidence in terms of the credibility of the data and the analysis. When we take that to our business, we know we’re backed up by a pretty strong and robust analysis.

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