How is TalentNeuron helping you source critical talent in a competitive labor market?

We’re using TalentNeuron to understand who our competitors are. This is TalentNeuron at its finest. We’re able to see who we think our competitors are, and then we’re able to go in and prove by data who those are, whether it’s jobs posted or shared skill sets that we didn’t think competitor A had that same tech stack, or if it’s more of a physical role. It gives us that extra ability to go in before we post the job and understand what the market looks like.  

How has TalentNeuron helped you build relationships with stakeholders?

So, our relationship with the stakeholders has really increased in the last couple of years. I think one, the market, everyone’s needing labor; it’s what everyone is talking about. But internally they’re coming to talent acquisition for information. They’re not asking, can we do this? It’s what do y’all think? What are y’all capabilities? So, on the planning side, whenever we’re looking to grow our headcount, we’re coming together on the front end of those discussions to help plan to see if it’s possible to be able to staff for that volume.

We’re being more intentional on the front-end; planning, understanding the market, seeing who’s out there and what the supply looks like. Because that could really dictate, should we even continue moving this forward?  

If we can’t staff to give the proper service that our customers need. We don’t want to impact that. So, we look at a different strategy or we look at a different option for whatever that particular topic is.

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