Deutsche Telekom

Sourcing Candidates Strategically

Florian Nemeth, Recruiting Manager at Deutsche Telekom, discusses how he and his team use TalentNeuron to strategically source candidates and bring data to life at his organization.


Why did you choose to work with TalentNeuron?

One of our key features while we are using TalentNeuron is to have more intel on our recruiting questions on all the recruiting topics and statistics that we can gather. So that’s one of the main key resources and why we’re using it. For our lead hiring managers, what are our main resources that we have to use.

How has TalentNeuron helped your team become more effective?

We’re using TalentNeuron because we need to convince our hiring managers to have more budget in some certain roles, some certain positions, because the candidates are not applying anymore on some open vacancies. We have to go out and find them. For example, salary is a good key factor to convince them in applying and to hire them.  

TalentNeuron has a lot of statistics, a lot of data behind all the templates. So that convinces every number person. This helps a lot.

How has TalentNeuron impacted your business?

TalentNeuron also gets us into new ways of work as well as some benchmarks on the market, especially in the DACH region. We are working with TalentNeuron to get a glimpse of all the other competitors. What are they posting? What are their advertisements? And to get a good overview.

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