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Identify Future Skill Needs to Prepare for the Future of Work

Get ahead of skill needs to ensure you are sourcing talent for future organizational needs

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With the rise of AI and associated skills like security, machine learning and deep learning, the Senior Director, Talent & Workforce Analysis at Qualcomm wanted to get ahead of skill needs to ensure the organization was sourcing talent for future organizational needs. The client turned to TalentNeuron for an analysis on expiring, evolving and emerging skills.

Mission-critical priority

Support organizational resiliency and growth by identifying emerging skill needs and sourcing talent accordingly.

How TalentNeuron helped

With TalentNeuron, the client was able to leverage data and insights from TalentNeuron’s data scientists to identify skills Qualcomm will need and the best locations to source talent equipped with these skills to ensure growth and success in the future.


Approx. $24 Billion


Director of Human Resources

Business impact

With TalentNeuron support, the client: 

  • Future-proofed his talent strategy with data-driven insights on emerging and evolving skills
  • Reduced costs and risks by adjusting the talent strategy to address trends identified with data
  • Improved stakeholder relationships by presenting data-driven strategies and solutions

“TalentNeuron, and the data that it provides, helps inform things like our geo strategy, where we should locate a certain R&D center and trying to compare costs in terms of one location versus the other, looking at long-term supply. If we don’t get it right, we don’t have the luxury of redoing it because the industry is moving so fast. “

Ram Vadivelu
Senior Director, Talent & Workforce Analysis, Qualcomm

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