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The Times – Future of HR

Executives and organizations increasingly understand the need for expert, validated, external labor market data to stay ahead of the curve in enterprise strategy planning. The war for talent is the differentiating factor for businesses today, talent analytics is a key element to winning.

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Leverage Location Flexibility to Acquire Critical Talent

Location flexibility has become a foundational EVP offering.

More than two-thirds of job candidates who currently work onsite would prefer to work in a hybrid or remote model, while 97% of hybrid or remote workers prefer working in hybrid or remote models. To remain competitive, HR leaders must ensure that their talent acquisition strategy evolves with candidate preferences.

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Location Strategy for a Hybrid Workforce

As more organizations consider permanent remote work policies, CFOs are thinking through the real estate and cost implications. In fact, 72% of CFOs anticipate that the corporate real estate footprint will decrease over the next two years.

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3 Workforce-Planning Imperatives That Drive Business Outcomes

However, workforce planning is one of the least mature HR activities. In this white paper, we explore the top challenges HR leaders face in workforce planning at their organizations, the implications of those challenges and how insight into the external talent market allows organizations to begin to address them. 

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The Unbounded Workforce

To effectively navigate these paradigm shifts of the new unbounded workforce, HR leaders need to embrace real-time talent analytics and rethink their plan, build and buy decisions.

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